Syncing TeamPages to iPhone and Outlook

Posted by Registrar Leduc Crush Lacrosse on Apr 19 2017 at 01:04PM PDT in 2017 Season

I have prepared a document to show people how to sync their iPhones and/or Outlook calendars to the TeamPages. TeamPages does have instructions on how to do this but some steps were missing or not clear.

Please log into your user profile and on your user page (not the Team Page) there is a personal calendar that will show all your games, all your kids games if you have a parent account. There is an option to sync your calendar, it lists steps for the various options.

I am going to go through the steps for other programs to sync unfortunately I only have an iPhone so I cannot do one for an Android or other type of smart phone. If anyone has synced a smart phone other than iPhone please comment below to say if the steps listed worked or not.

Thanks everyone!

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