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Post Midget Lacrosse League in 2018

Posted by Leduc Crush Lacrosse at Jan 17, 2018 9:49PM PST ( 0 Comments )

The GELC will be running a Post Midget Lacrosse League in 2018 for players born 2000 and 2001 in an effort to assist in player retention in the Edmonton area! Players wanting to play at the Post Midget Lacrosse League need to be registered and confirmed that they wish to play post midget lacrosse by March 12th,2017

For more information, please visit GELC’s webpage at:

Needed: Director of Coaching

Posted by Web Administrator at Oct 19, 2017 9:49AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

We have one spot left on our Executive Board: Director of Coaching!

With the Support and Direction of the Board, you will act as the “Head Coach” for our team coaches. Together with the Director of Managers, we hope to deliver efficient communication and provide a strong base for our club teams to be successful this upcoming season.

Prior coaching &/or lacrosse experience is an asset but not required.
Bring your enthusiasm & positive attitude!

Please contact our President, Danielle Lewis or our Registrar, Rae-Lynne Spila if you are interested.

Director of Coaching
a) Responsible for coach training, and maintaining an inventory of training levels / experience for
the future.
b) Coordinates with Registrar to establish a list of all coaches/assistant coaches signed up for the
upcoming season.
c) Works with Registrar to contact and designate coaches/assistant coaches for each team.
d) Responsible for ensuring all appropriate documentation regarding coaching is received and
maintained on file.
e) Advises coaches / assistant coaches of upcoming clinics.
f) Ensure receipts for courses are provided to the Treasurer for reimbursement.
g) Acts as contact for coaches and assistant coaches during the season regarding problems or
concerns, and reports to Board accordingly.
h) Carries out other duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.
i) Term: First term two (2) years, following terms one (1) year.

Mobile App

Posted by Registrar Leduc Crush Lacrosse at Apr 27, 2017 12:39PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Everyone please note that there is a mobile app for TeamPages that you can use to access your calendar, sent emails, mark attendance to games, post pictures…all of this is free with your team page.

If you have one child in lacrosse than it is easy, download the app and log in. If you have multiple kids in lacrosse then you are best to create a profile for yourself and get added to each child’s team page as a parent. Then when you log into the app ALL of the kids calendars are loaded into one calendar for you to view. The only thing that you cannot do from the app in this situation is mark if your kid is attending. However, I believe that you can still mark them on the computer.

Syncing the app into your smart phone calendar is a simple tap of a subscribe button and it’s on there.

If you require any assistants please let me know.


I have prepared a document to show people how to sync their iPhones and/or Outlook calendars to the TeamPages. TeamPages does have instructions on how to do this but some steps were missing or not clear.

Please log into your user profile and on your user page (not the Team Page) there is a personal calendar that will show all your games, all your kids games if you have a parent account. There is an option to sync your calendar, it lists steps for the various options.

I am going to go through the steps for other programs to sync unfortunately I only have an iPhone so I cannot do one for an Android or other type of smart phone. If anyone has synced a smart phone other than iPhone please comment below to say if the steps listed worked or not.

Thanks everyone!

The document Syncing TeamPages to iPhone & Outlook was attached to this post.


It has just come to our attention that at you cannot have multiple kids on separate team pages with the same email address. We are currently looking into ways around this but it looks as though you will have to have a different email per child, or have them use their own email address. The only other way is to have a parent account with each kid on the account but you will not be able to check your child in.

If you child is older then they should perhaps use their own email address and the parents can be added so that they do not miss any correspondance.

Sorry for this inconvenience…we are figuring this out as we go!